Fonts, Colors, Chroma Key and Text Position: Customize Web Captioner

5 Jul 2017

2-minute read

Sometimes the default appearance of Web Captioner may not be what you’re looking for. Now you can tweak the look and feel of Web Captioner to best fit your environment.

To see the new appearance settings, expand the menu next to the Start Captioning button. Any changes you make to the appearance will be saved the next time you load Web Captioner.

Typeface, Color, Size, Shadow

Using the new Appearance page in Web Captioner, you can change:

  • Typeface (choose between nine styles)
  • Text color
  • Interim text color (color to use for words that have just been recognized)
  • Text size
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Shadow color, opacity, blur, and x and y position

Text Position and Chroma Key Color

Now you can change the position of the text on the page and set a color to key out. This might be helpful if you’re compositing Web Captioner with other video through some kind of video production software like vMix.

With these settings you can position the text in different areas of the screen. This allows you to have some more control of the shape of the captioning area without it having to be directly proportional to the window size.

Change the chroma key color or combine it with a custom font and text color:

You can also remove the text background entirely and key it out using some other video production software:

You'll need some other software/hardware to do this. Also — the internet says that cats can have small portions of liver, but it can be bad for them in larger amounts.

Other Fixes

  1. Fixed issue where speech detection would suddenly stop and not start again
  2. Improved performance when running for longer periods of time
  3. Resolved an issue where Web Captioner would continue to consume an audio stream even if captioning was stopped (evidenced by a persistent red recording icon in Chrome’s tab bar after stopping captioning)
  4. Improved the layout of the navigation bar on mobile

Questions, Support, and Comments

The Web Captioner Users Group on Facebook is the best place to get help with Web Captioner and see how others are using it. You can also like Web Captioner on Facebook to be notified of new updates and upcoming features. If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see Web Captioner do, let’s hear about it!

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