Connect to a remote OBS instance

To connect to an instance of OBS running on a different network, use a service like Ngrok.

  1. Sign up for Ngrok and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Follow the instructions for setting up closed captioning (option 1) between OBS and Web Captioner.
  3. Start Ngrok using the port number from OBS websocket settings with a command like ngrok http 3333 (if your OBS websocket port is 3333). You should now see ngrok running:

  4. In Web Captioner, go to the OBS channel settings and click Advanced Settings:

  5. Set Server Host to your Ngrok forwarding URL and the Server Port to 80:

  6. Save and enable the channel and start captioning. Your closed captions should be sent to OBS. You can verify by looking at the OBS websocket logs.