Record audio with Audacity

Web Captioner does not save any audio that it transcribes. It only saves the text that it produces, which you can save as a text file.

If you want to also record and save your audio while Web Captioner is performing speech recognition, you can use another program like Audacity alongside Web Captioner. Audacity is free and easy to use.

  1. Download Audacity.

  2. Make sure your external microphone is connected and then start Audacity.

  3. Select your microphone from the recording device list. If your microphone doesn’t show up here, make sure that you connected the microphone before you started Audacity. If not, restart Audacity.

  4. Select Record and start talking.

  5. Move Audacity into the background, and bring Web Captioner to the front. Audacity will continue to record audio in the background while Web Captioner works in the foreground.

  6. Once you’re done, stop the Audacity recording and save it.