Add live captions in vMix

vMix is a popular software video mixer and switcher. You can use Web Captioner to add open captions into your vMix output.

  1. You must be running vMix on the same computer that Web Captioner is running on.
  2. Download this title template that will display captions in vMix. Import this title template into vMix by going to Add Input > Title/XAML. In the upper right of the Input Select window, click Browse... and select the title template file you downloaded. Click OK.
  3. In vMix, go to Settings > Web Controller and check the box to enable web controller.
  4. Set the port or accept the default.
  5. Go to Web Captioner settings > Channels and copy and paste the "vMix Web Site Address" onto the page.
  6. Click "Check" to have Web Captioner check that your address is correct.
  7. Select "Add Channel".