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Using Web Captioner with vMix

vMix is a popular software video mixer and switcher. You can add Web Captioner captions into your vMix environment either with a native title input or with desktop capture.

This method allows you to add a title input in vMix and have Web Captioner send text to that input through vMix's web controller feature. This uses the Web Captioner Connector extension available on the Chrome Web Store.

1. Open the vMix setup screen in Web Captioner

2. Install the Chrome Extension

3. Enable web controller in vMix

Go to Settings > Web Controller in vMix. Check the box to enable web controller and set the port (or accept the default).

4. Copy the website address from vMix into Web Captioner

Copy the web controller website address from vMix into Web Captioner. Test the connection to make sure it's working.

5. Download the Web Captioner title template and import it into vMix

Web Captioner vMix Title Template

In vMix, go to Add Input > Title/XAML. In the upper right of the Input Select window, click Browse... and open the Web Captioner title template.

6. Go to the Recent tab and double-click the template

7. Optionally customize the font and text size.

Close this when you are finished.

8. Go back to Web Captioner and test your imported title.

Web Captioner will send a message to vMix to make sure that it's working properly.

9. Turn on "Send to vMix" in Web Captioner

And start captioning!

You can now minimize Web Captioner in the background and it will continue captioning.

You can also use desktop capture to include Web Captioner in vMix. The Web Captioner will need to remain visible due to how desktop capture works.

1. Install and run Desktop Capture for NDI from vMix

You should see this window once it's running — you can minimize this.

2. In vMix, go to Add Input > NDI / Desktop Capture and select your browser window.

Remember, you'll need to keep Google Chrome running in the foreground. If you're only using one computer, this works best in a multi-monitor setup.

3. Optionally configure a chroma key setup between Web Captioner and vMix

Web Captioner will now appear in vMix as an imput. If you wish for a result similar to this:

You can change Web Captioner's background color and then update your chroma key settings in vMix.

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