Web Captioner's privacy policy details what information is collected from you when you use this service. Additionally:

  • Microphone input is captured locally on the system and sent to a Google speech-to-text service through Google Chrome's implementation of the Web Speech API.
  • The resulting text is sent directly from Google's speech-to-text service back to the browser and does not pass through Web Captioner servers unless you are using certain features in Web Captioner. At no point does audio data pass through Web Captioner servers. If text data passes through Web Captioner servers, it is not logged or stored permanently.

    Feature Audio recordings pass through Google servers Text transcript passes through Google servers Audio recordings pass through Web Captioner servers Text transcript passes through Web Captioner servers
    Captioning without using other features Yes Yes No No
    Sending captions to Zoom Yes Yes No Yes
    Sending captions to OBS Yes Yes No No
    Save transcripts to Dropbox Yes Yes No Yes
    Webhooks Yes Yes No No
  • Any user settings, like usernames, email addresses, and account settings like word replacements, are saved on Web Captioner servers.
  • Web Captioner does a client-side calculation of the number of words spoken and saves this information.