Web Captioner sometimes stops recognizing speech

There are a few things you can do to make sure Web Captioner is hearing speech loud and clear.

  1. Ensure that Google Chrome is listening to the correct microphone input
  2. Check the volume on your microphone input. A moderate to loud volume works best (but not too loud).
  3. Make sure a single person is talking and that there aren’t overlapping voices.
  4. Web Captioner works best with a microphone that is close to the speaker. A room or conference microphone does not produce good results.
  5. Make sure there is low or no background noise.

If you still notice an occasional issue, it may be caused by an ongoing problem in Google Chrome where the Web Speech API that Web Captioner relies on will intermittently stop recognizing text. Web Captioner does its best to recover by restarting speech recognition quickly once it detects that it’s still receiving audio, yet no speech is being recognized. You can follow issue 570976 in the Chromium bug tracker for updates about this on Google’s end.