Web Captioner says my audio is too quiet or too loud

Sometimes Web Captioner might show a message saying your audio is too quiet or too loud. A lot of problems with the quality of your transcript can be solved by making sure your audio is clear, background noise is low, and the input volume is neither too quiet nor too loud.

It’s normal to see this occasionally during captioning, but if you’re seeing it often or noticing that Web Captioner is having trouble recognizing your speech properly, you might need to check your microphone settings.

Hide the message or make it appear less often

If you keep seeing the message, but the quality of your captions is acceptable, you can disable this message or change its sensitivity (to make it appear less often) in Web Captioner settings:


Check operating system settings

Check your recording and input settings in Windows 10 or in MacOS to make sure your microphone is set up properly.

Hear what your computer is hearing

You could try recording your microphone in a program like Audacity and then play it back to hear what your computer is hearing from your microphone. You might need to adjust the input level to make sure you’ve got it right.

Check Chrome microphone device settings

Make sure that Chrome is set up to listen to the correct microphone. By default, it will use the default microphone on the system, but you can change the microphone that Google Chrome listens to.