What Others are Saying about Web Captioner

Very awesome product, especially considering how young it is and the fact that it is free! Looking forward to more features in the future and will be willing to pay for them!

Tyler from Facebook

Realtid speech-2-text direkt på webbsida. <3 @carlheath ger ex på möjligheter @webcaptioner #edtechsweden

@darjaisaksson on Twitter

Necessity is the mother of invention. What an awesome product!

Ralph from Facebook

I use with vMix when live streaming. Excellent product.

Bishop Kenneth from Facebook

What an excellent web app! Thank you! Our school was looking for a way to caption live events for hard of hearing attendees, and this is the best we've found! And at a price even our school can afford. This will help so many!

From Anonymous via Feedback Form

Holy smokes!!! You are a champ! This is the most amazing service I've seen in quite a while. Thank you for making the world more accessible for all.

John Wesley Brett, Director of Communications at Falls Church City Public Schools

Awesome product from an awesome developer who works with many people to implement Web Captioner into services. Highly recommend!

Kyle from Facebook

Yesterday was our second day running Web Captioner in our church services and loving it. This is my computer at FOH controlling the MacBook running the captioner down by the stage on a 32in TV.

Nate on Facebook

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